About Nirai WEB mail

If Nirai WEB mail has the environment which provided an Internet connectivity,
a travel destination, the time of a business trip, etc. will be the convenient
functions which can transmit and receive mail through a browser from anywhere.

It can access from a mobile phone.

Access from a mobile phone is also possible for Nirai WEB mail.
From a mobile phone with a bar code reader function, please read QR Code here
and use.
*Only Japanese environment is offered.

Capacity confirmation of a mail server.

The capacity of the mail server of use can be checked by Nirai WEB mail.
Please confirm in the graph in the upper part of a screen after login.

Let's login to Nirai WEB mail.

Please enter the account name and password of e-mail to confirm, and push
"login" button.

It is a part on the left of "@" of an e-mail address.
It is the same as the password of e-mail.